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February 02, 2001

It's Friday morning; the end of the week draws nigh. I plan to celebrate this fact over the weekend with a healthy dose Gosh darn it.

Today's strip is all Tony. Why? Because we like we really need a better reason? How can you not like someone who's IM idle is "NINJA VANISH!" I mean, really. Talk about phat.

I don't see near enough talk in the forums. C'mon....Smokey and McGruff are still duking it out; why are each and everyone one of you (and yes, we know exactly how many of you there are) not making your opinions known? Egads (wo)men! Go now!

It's Groundhog's Day, isn't it? I just realized that. Hmm, well, I wish those of you on North America the best of luck, in hoping for a short end to this winter. I also wish the groundhog luck, in the unlikely event that he inadvertently pokes his cute little head up in my ex-girlfriend's backyard; her mother tends to pick off the little fuzzy creatures with a .22. The moral of this story? Never get between a woman and her flowers.

Jason continues to bring you Robots and Spacemeny Goodness every Tuesday and Thursday. Between CXM and R+S, you have no reason to not have a daily dose of Funny. Yesterday's strip is yet another embarassing adventure in the life of everyman Scott (and yet another reason to believe that Jason secretly draws his material from the plethora of embarassing adventures of my life).

Some news from the wide world of film! Sadly, it appears that the project that would have brought The Green Hornet to the big screen has been shelved indefinitely due to casting problems and the forthcoming strikes in Hollywood. And I was looking forward to the rumoured team-up of Mark Wahlberg and Jet Li! Why must Hollywood be so cruel to me personally? And that big open letter in Variety saying "Ha ha Dan, you sorry bastard!!!!" was not appreciated.

On the upside of the coin, it sounds like there may be hope for the formerly doomed project of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (known here in Europe as Celsius 232.8). Mel Gibson, previously rumored to star, has declined, deciding he has aged a little too much to play the lead role of fireman Guy Montag (though his production company, Icon, is still attached, and the star may step behind the lens to direct). Frank Darabont (writer/director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) has been commissioned to do a rewrite of the existing script based on the novel by Ray Bradbury (which is excellent - check it out if you have not read it!).

And, big surprise, the NSA is trying to make a crackproof computer. I say they can try, but I have faith in the multitude of freelance hackers out there. The NSA and cryptology are particular interests of mine...if anybody knows who I have to bribe to become a " Professor of Digital Forensics Investigation" like the one mentioned in the article, please tell me. That sounds like a job that would rule!

See you on Monday when we bring you the first of two of what our esteemed artist assures me can only be called "epic" strips (and more guest stars than you can shake a baked ham at).

Dan Moren was trained to be a ghost. Or at least, he likes to claim he was.

Quote of the Day: "No man is poor who has friends."

-Clarence, It's a Wonderful Life

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