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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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January 19, 2001

Today's strip explains why we took so long in producing CXM. The horrific consequences would have been too terrible for any mortal to withstand. We decided taking six months was preferable to this sort of mass destruction. We hope you agree.

I have been informed that I was remiss in my duties; while on Wednesday I trumpeted my first piece of complimentary email, I neglected to mention our fine supporters who choose to express their fondness for CXM in the form of forum posts rather than emails. A hearty thanks to NFG (which he assures us is not a clan tag) Paul, for putting me back on track (please don't flame me!). Come down to the forums and see what all the hubbub is about. Or you can always email me like Christiana did (thanks Christiana!)

So what's going on in the big wide world that I should share with you? Well, if all goes as I've heard it shall, the Lord of the Rings trailer should be up in pristine QuickTime format by the time you read this. Sadly, I won't have a chance to have digested said trailer before I depart for my weekend in London and Oxford. But on the upside, I do get to see a performance of Bill Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" which I'm psyched about; he happens to be my favorite writer of all time. Nobody touches the master.

But enough of my incessant pandering of matters of the arts; here's the latest in so-called "science". That font of all knowledge,, one of this newspost writer's favorite hangouts, is referencing a report from the New York Times about scientists who have reportedly been able to slow down and stop light particles. thinks this could eventually lead to lightsaber like inventions, and while to some that may seem farfetched, I say it can't happen too soon; it's on my Christmas list already. Pleeease! I'll take out the trash, and clean up after the dog, and I won't use it inside the house! I promise!

Anyhow, I thought there was gonna be a news shortage, but then I realized how detached I've become from my mother country. We're due for a new president tomorrow! Meanwhile, I'm gonna lean back in the peaceful, idiot-free environment of the U.K. and have a good laugh at your expense.

Of course two months from now when President Bush refuses to let all Americans from abroad back into the country because of "serious cheese infections", I think I'll be getting that laugh right back in my face. And I'll just be sitting in a detention facility somewhere, wondering, "isn't 'serious cheese infection' redundant?"

Dan Moren does solemnly swear that he will faithfully execute the Office of Newsposter of Comics Ex Machina, and will to the best of his Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Newsposts of Comics Ex Machina [so help him God].

Quote of the Day: "The double bladed lightsaber. When you absolutely, positively gotta kill every droid in the room, accept no substitutes."
-Samuel L. Jackson, From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic

Bonus Inaugural Quote of the Day: "Hail to the chief / He's the one we all say "Hail" to. / We all say "Hail" / 'Cause he keeps himself so clean! / He's got the power, / That's why he's in the shower..."
-Kevin Kline, Dave

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