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January 17, 2001

Ahh Wednesday. How I love its glory. Of course, it's really only Tuesday night for me. Tuesday night is not as good as Wednesday.

So as per usual on Wednesdays, we have done some ruminating on your behalf. I took my time to ponder why people think happy endings are a bad thing. You can read the end result here. I can't vouch for the other guys, but hopefully one of them will write something!

The forums have gone through some changes, but those changes were declared "fugly" by Jason, and so we've returned to our original format with only a few minor changes. But you wouldn't have noticed unles I told you, would you have? Feel free to come in and comment on our one word thread or on the fact that Jason looks Jewish. He has been known to utter an occasional "oy, vey", but I think we all know where his heart really lies.

Saw some pretty unrevealing shots of John Woo's next film, Windtalkers. Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater are starring in this WWII epic about Navajo code talkers. If you've read anything about codes or WWII, you probably know that the Navajo code talkers were the only code that was NOT broken during the war. Pretty damn impressive. Scheduled for a November release I believe.

And if you're in the mood for war and drama, check out this trailer. Snipers fighting it out in World War II? Only good can come of this. According to Kai, this film will be "papal". I'll take his word on that.

Also, thanks to the first person to ever email me about the comic. You know who you are! The floodgates are open; commence sending! Good, bad, ugly, we want it ALL.

Other than, it's a slow day, and I've been up for hours, so I'm gonna hit the sack.

Quote of the Day: "It is the most awesome thing to happen since the creation of the Earth. That is a quote."

-The Incredible Hulk screenwriter David Hayter on director Ang Lee coming aboard the film

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