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January 15, 2001

Do you like today's strip?

What do you love about today's strip?

As you no doubt realized, my illustrious colleague and CXM's head artist Jason had to fill in for me in Friday's newspost. Shh shh, it's all right. He won't scare you any more, I promise. Anyways, it's Monday, and I'm chock full o' news, for your reading pleasure!

First off, as many of you know, the first teaser trailer for the Lord of the Rings series has been attached to Thirteen Days. While I have not had a chance to see said trailer yet, I did take some time to skim Harry Knowles's synopsis over at AICN. Harry seemed to find the trailer a little bit lacking; as I'm currently working my way through The Fellowship of the Ring again, I'm interested to see how they put the story on the screen. Only 12 months to wait! Wanna chime in on LOTR? We've got a thread going in our Movie forum.

Speaking of movies, I recently read a quick summary of John Cusack's next flick, in which he is starring and producing. Mr. Cusack is very near and dear to us here at CXM, mostly for his excellent performance in that most seminal of works, Grosse Pointe Blank. Anyway, the synopsis of his new film, Cosmic Banditos, courtesy of FilmForce reveals that it concerns "a group of smugglers whose chaotic and random lives are suddenly given meaning by the laws of subatomic physics." Wow. That's, uh, interesting. To say the least. Looking forward to it.

A recent editorial on critiques the first Star Wars trilogy in the light of The Phantom Menace, as if Episode I had come out first, as originally intended. The reviewer finds that many of the same criticisms hold true for Episode IV (and for those wondering how I got from marijuana to Star Wars, I have but one thing to say: Jar-Jar Binks). Definitely hit home with me, though I still prefer the first three to Episode I (The Empire Strikes Back will always reign supreme).

And finally, as reported by numerous film sites, director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) will be getting mean and green in the film version of The Incredible Hulk. No word yet on whether actor Chown Yun-Fat will be starring as scientist-turned-green-radioactive-superhero Bruce Banner.

And that's the news. Tune in on Wednesday when we bring you our featured! Until then, drop into the forums and say hi!

Quote of the Day: "It's true what they say Oatman; you can never go home again, but I guess you can shop there."
-Martin Blank, Grosse Pointe Blank

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