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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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January 12, 2001

Now is my chance to introduce you to the new strip! I spent about fifteen minutes laughing at the cool background Kai made for it (or laughing with it, or something). Maybe I just need to get out more. And by the way, if you're not familiar with the anime movie referenced in today's strip, then you can find out more about it at the official web site. Or you can try what I first guessed to be the official web site (I was sorta right).

As long as you're clicking links willy-nilly, go ahead and check out our forums. So much fun, you'll pass out on the floor and wake up sweating and dizzy, swearing you're in some nameless bar somewhere in Central America. And if that isn't fun, then Kai doesn't know what is.

Well, we're fast approaching the time when I'll have to start drawing strips again. You see, most of the strips you've seen so far are actually several months old; over the summer, we wrote 40 some odd scripts, and I got to drawing 7 of them. I drew the Santa Claus strip just before Christmas so we could feature it as a "bonus strip" in time for the site's launch. The style might look slightly different in that strip since I hadn't drawn myself or Dan since August. And actually, if all of a sudden my style gets really erratic starting, oh, say, next Friday, just assume it's part of some "mutation" process, and has nothing to do with me being "out of practice." Or something.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or questions -- or if you just feel lonely and want a friend -- feel free to email me. Or, heck, email Kai, or Tony (who is also lonely and could use a friend, I suspect), or Dan. The rule for now with emailing Dan, however, is that you need to sign your email off to him with some kind of phrase relating to Scotland, where he temporarily resides. I think so far I've signed off with "There can be only one, Jason," "The richest man in Duckberg, Jason," "Sheep stomach stuffed with meat and barley, Jason" and one that is not for young ears so it shall not be repeated (sheep are involved). Dan has used "If it ain't Scottish, it's Dan," and "Get in mah belly! Dan." There may have been others, but let's not belabor the point any further. Anyway, that's the rule, and I encourage you to bother him.

Um, I guess Dan does a quote of the day or something. Let me look over my IM conversation with Kai tonight and see if he said anything particularly worth quoting...


... Nope, sorry. Have a good day, all.

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