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January 10, 2001

I can't say it enough: come to the forums. You do that, and you can have the rest of the night off. Whadya say?

Well, it's Wednesday. And as usual, there are no comics, and no submissions from anybody who may or may not be reading. So once again, I will enjoin you: email me. Share something with me: your hopes, your dreams, or even how you too lost 45 lbs in a week.

But Wednesday does mean contributions from us here at CXM. And if you look over to the left, in our little sidebars, you can click on that little link that says "Ruminations".

My spiel today is on the man, the icon, the symbol: Steve Jobs. As you may know, today was the keynote talk for the 2001 Macworld Expo, San Francisco. Steve had some choice things to share with us, and so I, in turn, chose to share them with you. Right now, I'm gonna call my broker, cause Apple stock's at $17 a share, and it's gonna be rising like yeast. Ok, bad analogy. But seriously, new software, new hardware, and all, to coin an expression, "powerware". This stuff packs some serious punch, and I look foward to future innovations.

I polled my co-conspirators, to see if they'd like to say anything to you, our readers. Here are the responses.

Jason: "I love you."
Kai: "Nah."
Tony could not be reached for comment.
Special Guest Star, John: "Love cookies and milk. You can have my love, but you'll have to marry me for the cookies and milk."

Well, see you on Friday, when we'll have a brand new strip for you, and maybe a little something extra. Maybe not. We'll see.


Quote of the Day: "Tolkien is hobbit-forming. FRODO LIVES!"
-Graffiti on a Desk in Rockefeller Hall, Cornell University

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